Psychological Foundations of Restorative Process

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Psychological Foundations of Restorative Process with Donald L. Nathanson M.D. 2P from Heartspeak Productions on Vimeo.

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In this seminar, Dr. Nathanson explains affect and the nature of human emotion in the contexts of modern culture, restorative justice and the criminal justice system.  He presents his ideas about affect management, particularly the management of shame as an effective way to prevent violence.    (2 DVD set 2 hr. 27 min. Copyright 2007 Heartspeak Productions)

Donald L. Nathanson, M.D. is a Philadelphia-based psychiatrist with a lifetime interest in the nature of human emotion.  In 1981, he began to study the way each of us is influenced by the emotions of others, work that drew him to the pioneering writing of psychologist Silvan Tomkins. Although this phenomonology is usually discussed as part of the lore and literature of empathy, and taken as the province of the most mature and sensitive among us, Dr. Nathanson demonstrated that the broadcast, reception, and interpersonal interplay of affect are normal concomitants of the physiological affect mechanisms described by Tomkins. Only as children develop an "empathic wall" that allows them to remain variably immune to the affects of the others in their milieu can people learn both to maintain their personal boundaries when among others and to open themselves to the experience of another's feelings. It was during this phase of his enquiry that he began to study the biology and psychology of the shame family of emotions, work for which he is perhaps best known. Among his more than 100 publications in the realm of emotion are the books The Many Faces of Shame (New York: Guilford; 1987) and Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self (New York: Norton; 1992, paperback 1994).