Holistic Healing Library - 10 Disc Collection

This library collection is designed as a resource to complement healing circle discussion in institutional settings or community focus groups.  Heartspeak has chosen specific titles, developed in cooperation with medical and criminological researchers, correctional inmates and staff, and dedicated volunteers implementing crucial ideas in the field of transformational, healing approaches to justice and conflict resolution.

Includes 24 page dialogue and experiential exercise booklet from A Healing River: an invitation to explore restorative values and principles.

Schools Package - 5 DVDs

This 5 DVD package provides a perfect introduction of restorative principles and practice for schools and community groups.  The DVDs can be used in classroom, community and professional development settings to stimulate deep and important discussons about the prevention of conflict, bullying and violence along with restorative responses.

Post Secondary Packages

These video packages were created as part of the curriculum for Criminology 315 and the Online Certificate in Restorative Justice offered by Simon Fraser University.  They are also useful for researchers, journalists, professors, policy makers, justice professionals, educators, individuals and communities interested in a deeper understanding of restorative justice. 

Tributary Streams of A Healing River - 10 DVDs

Restorative Justice in Practice - 4 DVDs

Restorative Justice as Human Development & Community Building - 4 DVDs


 Ting Forum Package - 8 DVDs

The Ting Forum on Justice Policy probes the frontiers of justice issues where policy is emerging in new areas of legislation or new arenas of practice.  From legislative intent to implementation in the street, from local issues to international issues, the Ting Forums provide an environment for researchers, academics and the general public to discuss and debate crucial issues related to criminal justice and social policies and their consequences for Canadian society.