The Complete Heartspeak Library Collection

- 34 DVDs - 20 Titles

For over a decade now, Heartspeak Productions has engaged in research and volunteer opportunities that put us in touch with important thinkers, writers and practitioners in the field of criminal and social justice.  The vast array of information we document includes contributions from Medicine, Law, Corrections, Psychology, Education, Criminology, Sociology and related fields. Most importantly, however, it is an ongoing journey alongside dedicated individuals, from all walks of life, who feel that for the best results of personal and social development, and for healing in the aftermath of trauma, social policy needs to be congruent with interpersonal reality and the natural laws and principles at work in individuals, families and communities.

The Library Package is especially useful for journalists, professors, policy makers, justice professionals, educators, individuals and communities interested in a deeper understanding of restorative justice and its real world interface with existing institutions.

1) Tributary Streams of A Healing River (10 DVD)

2) The Reena Virk Story

3) Brain Development and Addiction

4) Blueprint for Emotion

5) Restorative Practice in the Classroom

6) In Search of Healing Justice

7) Awkward Conversations

8) Working Across Silos

9) Talking Justice

10) Physics of Bullying

11) Addictions & Corrections (2 DVD)

12) Ting Forum on Restorative Justice (2 DVD)

13) The Call of Restorative Justice (2 DVD)

14) Restorative Justice Is The LAW

15) Population Aging and the Challenge for Corrections (2 DVD)

16) Through A Relational Lens

17) Justice and Reconciliation

18) Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

19) Addressing Trauma (2 DVD)

20) Community Healing Programs

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