Justice and Reconciliation with Dr. Joe Solanto

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Justice and Reconciliation with Dr. Joe Solanto from Heartspeak Productions on Vimeo.

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In Justice and Reconciliation, Dr. Joe Solanto invites us to examine policies and practices which often result in social harm rather than an enhanced cultural dialogue.  Solanto reminds us that acknowledging diversity in culture and circumstance in Canadian aboriginal communities is not enough; we must thoroughly examine the assessment tools and models we use when we approach aboriginal communities so as to avoid unintentionally continuing oppressive practices.  At a deeper level, he notes, our widely accepted understanding of rights and personhood is a backdrop against which aboriginal people and their cultural values are often misunderstood and oppressed. Solanto challenges us to abandon flawed and inadequate practices and models in favour of community building, which begins with non-aboriginals acknowledging the healing that they must engage in order to become true allies on the path toward reconciliation.   Includes a reading of Shirley Flowers poem “You Dared To Call Us Savages”. (DVD 55 min. © 2012 Heartspeak Productions)

Joe Solanto, PhD, addressed the Rethinking Justice Conference, hosted by the Pacific Business and Law Institute, in Vancouver, B.C., October 25th & 26th, 2012.

Joe completed a doctorate in psychology, and for seven years was the Director of a multi-disciplinary outpatient treatment centre for addictions and trauma.  He has served as a consultant for the Federal Department of Justice as well as for Correctional Services of Canada.  In 2009 Joe was the recipient of the Instructor of the Year Award at the Justice Institute of BC.  In 2010, he was adopted into the Healing Lodge of Eagle Sisters and was bestowed with the name Hailikinixw.  Over the past three years Joe has been working with the Inuit Government of Labrador. For more information about Joe's workshops and training programs: silksky@telus.net