Blueprint For Emotion - Why Relationships Matter

 DVD (56 min.)

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Blueprint For Emotion - Why Relationships Matter with Dr. Vick Kelly from Heartspeak Productions on Vimeo.

Dr. Vick Kelly provides an overview of Affect and Script Psychology, developed by Silvan Tomkins and furthered by Donald Nathanson, in an effort to highlight some of the impetus behind emotional experiences during restorative interventions. Affect is the primary, innate motivator of human emotion and behaviour. To comprehend the extent of emotional harm experienced by a victim or the motivation of a perpetrator, it is helpful to understand affect and its scripted responses.  Kelly explains scripted responses directed by the Central Blueprint - a functional but primarily unconscious program in the brain.  As is the case with all emotion, the ebb and flow of emotion during restorative interventions to reduce or repair harm and begin restoration is directed by the Central Blueprint.  (Copyright 2010 Heartspeak Productions)